Let Sleeping Blogs Lie

Or rather, resurrect them in a different form and try to forgive their author for the summer of neglect that has passed. Dear long-suffering LG readers, despite my life-long motto of  “Resist the tyranny of busy!” The Linden Green in blog form fell victim to the unrelenting hecticness that was Summer 2013 and its bevy of complex design projects. Now, after the unexpected and unannounced hiatus, The LG and its semi-reliable posts return at last, like a long forgotten friend / overly persistent pest.

The Linden Green’s website is undergoing a transformation, not yet complete. But for the meantime, The LG-as-blog will now be posting on Medium. Please read the newest post; as a token of my apology, I have written about booze, which I know you all love.

Do I Dare to Drink a Peach?

Peaches & Herb

Keep watching and reading – updates to come soon…