Links of Irrelevance

Cherry blossom, Tidal Basin, Washington D.C.  Photo: Kevin Ambrose/ The Washington Post, April 2013

  • The cherry blossom is blooming in DC, and I have major blossom envy. If, like me, you are not in Washington or Japan, listen to Air's lovely 'Cherry Blossom Girl' instead.

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  • Many fascinating people have died in the past week. Maggie T., Lady of Iron; Annette Funicello, Mousketeer extraordinaire; Les Blank, documentarian and "smellovision" pioneer; and of course, film critic Roger Ebert. Arguably the most universally celebrated of the four, he wrote so eloquently in his memoir about riding the celestial locomotive.
  • I sat through 14 years of French class and today can proudly say to you, "Voila le stylo." I can also say, "Voila LePen," which I love beyond reason.
  • It appears my sons were separated at birth from this little boy. And I was apparently separated at birth from their wise-ass, downtrodden dad.
  • And because you can never laugh at enough children, let's finish with Conan O'Brien and these 7-year olds from Chicago. Don't watch if you don't feel like crying with laughter and falling on the floor.