September Issues

I know, I know – it’s the end of October. Let’s not get bogged down by details, shall we? I am, in fact, punctual enough to know our current month, but there’s a big, looming September issue that needs closer examination before we can close the book on the back-to-school, new-pencils-in-the-case time of year.

The issue at hand is four and a half pounds, to be exact, and it actually arrived in August. I’m talking, of course, about the September issue of Vogue, aka “The Bible” to the fashion gurus amongst us. The editorial crammed between the ads (658 of them this year) and the cover (Lady Gaga as the fairly dubious cover model) is spectacular, eclectic and authoritatively identifies the key trends of Autumn/Winter 2012. More on them below...

Midway through the tome is a little but brilliant interview with DJ and music director Mimi Xu, aka Misty Rabbit, who likens each fall trend to a piece of music. Xu is the publisher of Trax Magazine and masterminded recent runway soundtracks for Alexander McQueen, Opening Ceremony and Mary Katrantzou.

Over the next several posts, I’m going to spin her metaphor further and relate each trend to the garden. Autumn is the ideal time of year to plan your next moves in the garden. What bloomed lavishly in May? Where did you long for shade when the sun beat down in August? Why did the hotly anticipated eggplant harvest deliver nothing but wan, floppy foliage?
September, October, November… these are the perfect months to evaluate the past year in our gardens. The weather grows crisp and then becomes cold. The leaves send out an exuberant, dying shout of color. And our energy and attention slow and turn inward to hearth and home.

Mist and foliage


Herewith autumn’s "loudest" trends as per Vogue, and their accompanying playlist by Misty Rabbit. Check in for the garden spin in the posts to follow...

1.     Equestrian – Pachelbel "Canon & Gigue in D major" 2.     Edwardiana – Edward Elgar, "Chanson de matin" 3.     Neo-Ladylike – DJ Hell with Bryan Ferry, "U Can Dance" 4.     Heavy Embellishment – Mozart, "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" 5.     Street Warrior – Justice, "New Lands (Falcon Remix)" 6.     Gothic Romance – Purity Ring, "Belispeak" 7.     Supersize Shapes – Alpine, "Hands (Goldroom Remix)" 8.     The Working Woman – Kraftwerk, "Das Model" 9.     Nineties Redux – Crystal Waters, "100% Pure Love" 10.  Global Traveller – Glasser, "Apply"