Lindsay Rothwell

The Linden Green is a landscape design practice based in Northern California offering services ranging from consultation to masterplanning. As well as the traditional, on-site model of landscape design, we are pleased to provide long-distance global design services to clients based anywhere in the world. Our philosophy is to create exterior spaces tailored specifically to our clients' needs and desires; convenient, fairly priced design should be available to anyone – regardless of budget, life situation or site.

As well as a landscape designer, Lindsay Rothwell is the author of six books on contemporary, modern, and ancient art. The Linden Green – in both its design practice and blog form – is inspired by art, fashion, food, literature, history, music, travel and life in general.

In former incarnations, Lindsay was a book editor in London, a magazine editor in Los Angeles and a painting student at UCLA Art School. Having lived in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Barbados and Italy, Lindsay is now based south of San Francisco with her husband, two sons and constantly-in-flux garden.

"Linden" is the North American common name of the Tilia tree, known as the "lime" in Britain. It is also the etymological root for the name "Lindsay." Linden Green is Pantone color 15-0533 and a Chartpak marker frequently used by designers. Unter den Linden is a boulevard in Berlin, named for the linden trees that line its sides, originally planted in the 17th century.